Computer networks are the heart of many companies and allow them to perform many tasks seamlessly. If they fail many companies have problems operating and this can be costly. I run a first come first served emergency call out procedure, (if a network fails and I’m not currently attending another emergency you will be put straight to the front of the queue).

I have the ability to install and configure windows small business servers to companies’ requirements along with security and backup procedures.

Although I am not certified I have the ability to install network cabling, fascia plates and trunking at a high standard. I can also supply and install wireless and wired networking equipment (switches, patch panels, routers etc).

For some companies laying cables around the office is not an option and therefore a different method for connecting to networks is needed. Wireless connectivity is becoming more and more user friendly and is now mostly installed along with cabling to give two ways to connect, or simply as the main method of connectivity.

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Or call on 07914614513, if I don't answer I'm driving or in a meeting, please leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.